Learn How To Generate $150,000 to $200,000 Per Month by Starting Your Own BIN Store! Join The Fastest Growing Retail Concept In America! 


Our Story (Lily & Lin)

I still remember the grand opening of our brand new BIN store in Bakersfield Opan Bins, like it was yesterday. I woke up that morning at 5am, had a cup of coffee and drove to our store. I was nervous, anxious, and my anxiety was through the roof. As I got closer (about 3 blocks away), I couldn’t believe what I saw. People were waiting in line, in the hundreds 2 blocks deep. Many started waiting in line the night before as their sleeping tents were still up. By the time we opened our doors we had over 500 people in line. At around 12pm, I checked our cash register total and it was $33,000. I looked at Lily, gave her a hug and kiss and said to her, “we did it!”
The journey to this euphoric feeling of success didn’t come easy. 5 years ago, we lost our home due to certain personal and financial extremities. We drained our savings account and were surviving through payday loans. On top of that, we had a 2 year old son and another baby girl on the way. It was definitely one of the most challenging and scary times of our life. Some nights I would lie in bed, look at Lily in the eyes and just didn’t know what to do. I thought we were going to lose everything
Desperate to find some light, I started looking for businesses to start with very little upfront capital. It seemed every opportunity we came across or read about seemed too good to be true or was just a flat out scam until we came across a magazine article about a stay at home mom that resells Amazon returns from her garage and was making a healthy profit. Intrigued, I took the last of our money in our checking account of $240 and bought a box of Amazon returns and started a reselling business in our garage. 
What came next was just overwhelming. Over the next 12 months we successfully built a multi-million dollar reselling business (which we teach here), but what we stumbled across next was a unique business opportunity that would change everything: BIN stores!
The concept is very simple, buy truckloads of merchandise from Amazon, Target and Walmart (from electronics to tools to kitchen appliances), place them in wood bins in a retail/warehouse space of 6000 to 10,000 square feet and sell them starting at $8 per item starting on Friday (BTW we will show you how to buy inventory at 0.50 cents each). We didn’t invent the concept, in fact BIN stores has been around since 2019 and now it is one of the fastest growing multi billion dollar retail store concepts taking over America!


We have to be honest, when we first got into the BIN store business we didn’t like everything we saw in terms of how some stores operated (those stores quickly went under). In fact our competition couldn’t understand how we had over 200+ people waiting in line every Friday and Saturday and their stores were empty. We quickly became very good at marketing and sourcing inventory at the lowest prices. 

Real Proven Results

We knew when we opened up our second location and achieved even better results that we’re onto something. We decided right there and then that someday we would build a course that could help other aspiring resellers and entrepreneurs build their own BIN store in their own local area and find financial success. We knew in our hearts that there has to be others out there that:
  1. Want to join the fastest growing multi billion dollar retail concept in America that is guaranteed to mint many millionaires. 
  2. Want to build a profitable local retail store business that can consistently generate $150,000 to $200,000 per month. 
  3. Learn from someone that has built 3 BIN store and fast track and learn all of the ins and outs, secrets and advanced optimization techniques. 


What we are about to teach you is real (it helped us build BIN stores that generate $150,000 to $200,000 per month) and what we are also about to teach you is information that other retail BIN stores do NOT want you to know as they maybe worried that the information we are about to give you will enable you to start a successful BIN store and steal their business.